Thursday, July 10, 2008

i need to find you (018/365)

i need to find you (018/365)

i gotta find you.

did i just use jonas brothers lyrics?! i admit, almost embarrassed, yes! i saw them last night in concert with my sister. her friend bailed on her so i gladly went. [i wont get into details about the THOUSANDS of screaming 13 yr old girls...just use your imagination] i'm not a big...disney pop star fan, just to get that straight with all of you. but, theres something about this song and the "a little bit longer" song that really tugs on my heart. i'm a girl. i'm too emotional. songs like this kill me. haha.

But you don't know what you got
'Till it's gone
And you don't know what it's like
To feel so low
Everytime you smile or laugh you glow
You don't even know
No no
You don't even know

All this time goes by
Still no reason why
A little bit longer
And I'll be fine

the reason i chose the lyrics is for this picture, which i've been trying so hard to turn into a visual for the past month. how do you define distance in a picture? i'm not really sure. i know a lot of people going through the struggle of being away from someone they feel connected to or meant to be with. a lot of them are friends! so this picture is for them. they know who they are.

ps. sorry if i let you all down because of the JB lyrics. haha!


Kolby said...

this is really good and i feel like a lot of people can connect with it.

Anonymous said...

i love the wood floor in the middle.

Josh Madrid said...

Great work Katie. Your photo and concept complement each other well. It's awesome to see you improve your communication skills with photography over and over again....However I must say there are plenty of OTHER bands you could have quoted from =)

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