Friday, August 15, 2008

curly sue. (052/365)

Makeup : Amanda Pritchard

what makes me laugh about this picture, is that i try to be a model and end up looking like a goof :]

i saw brideshead revisited today. got me really inspired to dress in the 40's but that failed. so i worked with it and had my friend amanda do my make-up for the first time! i've never had so much on in my life, but felt so nice! i've never had it done for me either, so i felt like a queen :D thanks manda.

as for the movie...interesting. i love all those period movies. i'm an "old soul" as someone commented on my last era picture. i really hated the ending, though. these two people who "loved" each other were never together. either because of...bad timing (which in the end didnt matter) or of God's intervention as it seemed. Really saddening to me, because I like a good ending, where two people are in love and together. But then again...reality isn't always like that.

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