Sunday, August 10, 2008

for dreamers (049/365)

for dreamers (049/365)

something that i haven't really told anyone except my CLOSEST friends will be shared today. i'm sure at the end, you will all think i am totally weird.

when i was about 11...or 12, i had a dream about one of my friends. i was in a department store with my mom and we walked past the shoe department, my friend was in there trying on a pair of white sneakers, keds or something. as I walked past her, i felt this really sick feeling. I didnt actually feel sick, but its the best way I can describe the feeling. I remember thinking that this feeling meant she had some sort of strange disease. The kind where you can't tell on the know? I didnt stop and say hi to her either, because I was scared of this feeling I just felt.

When I was about...15, I started seeing people in real life that made me experience this feeling again. The people terrified me! They were people I didn't know. For example, I used to work at a food place as a cashier, and this one girl came in with her friend, and immediately when I looked up at her I felt this feeling. I'm sure my face went white! So i took her order almost trying to avoid making any sort of eye contact. There have been several other occasions that I have felt this. One being the most recent of a girl on the phone. I would do ANYTHING to avoid the call. I didnt know her, or have ever met her.

I dont think that because of this dream I have some sort of magical powers or anything, but I've been trying to make a connection with it. Who knows, you know? I was encouraged to ask the people questions, but I'm already in shock when I see the person and feel that sick feeling. I haven't had a strong one in a couple months, maybe a couple little ones where I see someone, feel the feeling slightly, and then Its really strange.

Enjoy my secret.

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