Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a wise man once said, "Desire without Knowledge is not good."

"Betrayal: The Creature"

Passionate & Prepared are two different concepts. In the months prior to this letter, I have been filled with passion & desire. But Prepared for the Leadership expected of me, I was not. A wise man once said, Desire without Knowledge is not good. That's the place at which I would myself. And anytime you're 'bout to get it right, the Enemy's not far from makin' everything wrong.

written by: Jeremy Pritchard

The first of my new series "the creature."

Each picture, youll learn more about the characters and the amazing story line. I interpreted one of Jer's writings last year in film and was super happy with it. He is amazingly talented at writing, and I love doing projects based off of them.

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