Tuesday, September 9, 2008

before and after

so obviously there was some heavy post-production. first i extracted myself out of the phots so that it was just silly old me. then i created a new layer that was all white. after i touched up the areas around me that were left over from the extraction, i post-processed it how i wanted. i then created a drop-shadow below me to get the real "studio" feel. then i created the vignette so it wasnt just ME. you know? hope that helps some of you!


Matthew Sinks said...

whoaa!@ haha you told me about this in class but dang! sweet work katie... definately makes me jealous of your mad skills!

shaina said...

you got some sweet skills sista! thanks for dang sure! well done.

Matthew Sinks said...

of my wedding? maybe if you play your cards right

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