Thursday, September 11, 2008

It had become a habit (081/365)

"Betrayal: The Creature"

"It was a particularly golden dusk. One in which a pipe, block a' pine & a good knife woulda' been just fine...

It had become a habit, sitting out on the porch with my back to the forest. Part of me wasn't lookin' for anymore trouble out there, and the other part just liked settin' eyes on what I'd built. Like I say, when all is just 'bout right, it doesnt stay that way for long."

Andddddd DONE. Sorry to leave you all hanging =p Just have to tune in tomorrow, right?

Second of my series Betrayal: The Creature

writing credit: Jeremy Pritchard (the bf!)

Before I do a little journal entry, just want to let everyone know i DONT smoke. I actually have some weird OCD allergic thing with smoke. Not sure...its totally strange but i ALWAYS have to count and hold my breath if I smell anything, sometimes even gasping for air that is anywhere clean. I'm not someone who is abnoxious about it though either. If you want to smoke, thats your choice. I won't judge you, I promise.

Late upload today! Went to dinner with grandma in the middle of this edit. Got me really anxious to finish! Then went straight to portraiture because she had to take me. My poor little jetta is still in the shop! :[ Its been good to me so far. I will be so happy tomorrow to sleep in, go shopping, have tea with grandma, and finish it off with some fun with my brat pack. Ohhhh fridays. you are perfect.

Forest Here

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