Saturday, September 20, 2008

black eyes (088/365)

"She had become my biggest fear, but deep down I knew that girl was still there. I could see it in her superstition, in her hatred of anything that resembled her past. I could see her in the sorrow dripping from her black eyes. Breakin' mirrors wont hide the resemblance sweetheart."

One of the last for my series "Betrayal: The Creature"

i had no time today for anything! i dont know why. had a diff idea for this. but this will do. gotta get up at 6am tomorrow for my first job! eeeeeep. =X

todays 365 is a special number. sending some love to my favorite nascar driver of the number 88 car, JUNEBUG! (you did read that right....nascar. i love it)

ps. how can you be mean to this face? =p

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