Sunday, September 14, 2008

what's done is done (083/365)

Closing my eyes, not daring to turn around, I replied...
"Why come for me now? I've left you well enough alone."
"The winds are turning Nathaniel, surely you didn't think I would seek no revenge. I taught you of the former & in return you showed me the latter."
"We agreed to let each other be," I pleaded.
Then with a light brush of her finger, across the back of my neck, she told me...
"What's done is done love, there's no turning back."
And as unexpectedly as she came, also she vanished into the darkness."

Continuing story for my series "Betrayal: The Creature"

based off of my amazing bf's writings.

A little late today! Opps! Went to see The Rocket Summer in concert! always so good. so much energy. really makes me love life and come out of it feeling good about all His doings. Hope you are alllllll well! :D

This is seriously my best "attempt" at being some-what seductive. haha!

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