Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Creature (089/365)

"Gideon has become The Creature"

Last of my series "Betrayal: The Creature" written by Jeremy Pritchard.

Below is the FULL story. so read up!

"Passionate & Prepared are two different concepts. In the months prior to this letter, I have been filled with passion & desire. But Prepared for the Leadership expected of me, I was not. A wise man once said, Desire without Knowledge is not good. That's the place at which I would myself. And anytime you're 'bout to get it right, the Enemy's not far from makin' everything wrong.

It was a particularly golden dusk. One in which a pipe, block a' pine & a good knife woulda' been just fine...

It had become a habit, sitting out on the porch with my back to the forest. Part of me wasn't lookin' for anymore trouble out there, and the other part just liked settin' eyes on what I'd built. Like I say, when all is just 'bout right, it doesnt stay that way for long. It was my ears who became distracted first. They began focusing in on the cracking of twigs & shuffling of loose leaves on the forest floor. Next my all too familiar & intimate stench began to fill my nostrils. One I had hoped I would never smell again. Lastly & most hauntingly, my nerves. Anticipating that terrible sound, my body cringed as she let out...

Closing my eyes, not daring to turn around, I replied...
"Why come for me now? I've left you well enough alone."
"The winds are turning Nathaniel, surely you didn't think I would seek no revenge. I taught you of the former & in return you showed me the latter."
"We agreed to let each other be," I pleaded.
Then with a light brush of her finger, across the back of my neck, she told me...
"What's done is done love, there's no turning back."
And as unexpectedly as she came, also she vanished into the darkness.

Long ago, prior to & through my early days of....well, workin' in the company of some rather twisted individuals... I knew a wonderful girl named Gideon. Gideon was mine, and I was hers. Her eyes used to sparkle just for me. Oh the way she lit up when she looked at me. I had nothing to my name...not one thing, except for Gideon. She was everything to me....and respectively, I to her. Well sometimes having nothing but a woman, no matter how wonderful, doesn't exactly fill the belly. So I began in a line of work, that...well it embodied me, to the furthest aspect of my life. Including that beautiful, bright-eyed girl I loved so dearly.

Slowly, I coerced her, I assured her, I was the one who plucked the pedals from her. I beat her down, tossed her to & fro like a rag doll. But then, her wounds scarred. The blisters became calloused & hardened. And I was no longer the one committing sins with this Monster.

It was a painstakingly brutal initiation, but once she fell & hardened, she began thriving on the acts. Longing only to suck from the infected udder. Sharing in the temptation with whoever willing. Anything causing me to cringe in pain. Her nature had become Bitterness, Envy, Revenge & Betrayal. You can't get a leg up, when your demons never rest. She had become my biggest fear, but deep down I knew that girl was still there. I could see it in her superstition, in her hatred of anything that resembled her past. I could see her in the sorrow dripping from her black eyes. Breakin' mirrors wont hide the resemblance sweetheart.

Gideon had become The Creature."

I'm going crazy prepping for my next photo assignment. Its going to be sooooo awesome. Hopefully? hehe. Late upload due to this craziness. forgive me?

ps. First day of work was awesome. I get paid to do what I love. how incredible.

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