Friday, August 8, 2008


late again. on here atleast. sorry all. ill update you real quick...

a "true romantic" (046/365)

a "true romantic" (046/365)

when i came home last night, my grandma was watching the newest version of "pride and prejudice" (my favorite movie...ever) with kiera knightly. i had been bugging her to watch it because she loves the older versions (she grew up with it) and i told her the new one was MUCH better. it still is to me, however, she thought it wasnt that great. WELL! I am a "true romantic" as she calls me. She made fun of me when i pointed out my favorite parts, like at the end where lizzy is out in the dawn and mr. darcy just trods up at the same moment she is with that darn gooey music playing! ahhh it makes me melt! so today's picture was totally inspired by the thought of me being a romantic.

my grandma let me borrow one of her antique hats, and when i showed her this, she said "oh dear god, you look like a 20's hooker!" =X

edit: i agree with most of you, i think my alter ego from yesterday snuck out in the midst of this being snapped. hehe! :D

my alter ego (045/465)

my alter ego (045/465)

i was trying to think about what my alter ego would be like if i had one. i'm not really sure if i do or not. however, i think if i did, she would be super sassy, flirty and almost TOO confident. not sure why. i think every girl would say that about their alter ego. haha. the left one is a totally conservative me...trying to be...appropriate, and the right is "flirty" as i get. haha. i feel funny seeing two of me.

edit: i think i dress more like my alter ego. definitely

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