Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 things...

10 things I love about...Thursday! Is now up. Sorry for the delay in the last couple weeks, wednesdays recently have NOT been my kinda day. My art classes are keeping me BUSY! I'm not sure I've ever felt so immersed and flooded with work! But it keeps me busy, and I do like being busy :) Hope you are all having a good week! And enjoy this post.

As you can see, the image on the right is currently what my life feels like. A PILE of reading and books. But what I'd really like to be doing (on the right) is being back in Rome. I miss it.

Also, a current screen shot of a photo I was randomly editing from last weekends wedding (another one on SAT!) and it really is easier to edit to Paramore's "the only exception." Now, let me stop you right there. I'm not a paramore fan, really. But, I heard this song on the radio and instantly connected with it.

I'm also planning a trip to The Getty soon! I've still never been. I know i know. I'm supposed to be this great art student. And I've never been to one of the best ones out there. Also, maybe stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes on the way home? mmmm

I recently had a chance to iChat with my sister, and she brought my baby girl cleo out! I miss her sooooooooo. What a darlin'. Also, found this cute new party blog:

And some cool new etsy finds!

Pretty bridal sashes (i'm a sucker for them):[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

and this cool camera setting laptop decal! GEEK OUT!:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

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