Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"10 Things" Wednesday

I have to admit, today I only have 5 things I love. And that's because the day went by so quickly I only had enough time to finish 5! School has been crazy hectic, added on top of album artwork, and wedding album designing. Phew. Bear with me, lovelies! It may get a little bumpy these next few weeks.

I love tiramisu (and all things Italian) so I've found a good recipe I'm trying out soon.

Heres a page from the wedding album I've been designing. Almost done!

This is from today in our digital studio class. Had to go out and shoot anything, basically without a thought passing through our heads. Just shoot.

I love fresh painted nails!

And I couldn't forget my boy Dungey. Had to include him here because I'll be missing his race on TV this sat. Sounds kinda like I know him right? I don't. =p

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