Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dreams, dream, dreaming

i've been having a lot of strange day-dream, night dreams that have to do with losing my boyfriend. maybe its anxiety my conscious has. i'm not sure. i mean, who wants to loose their boyfriend because he was shot by your grandpa in a dream? but its not like a dwell on his death or cheating (which was the day dream). idk. i have huge trust in my bf, so thats not an issue.

whats funny about the dream, is that i met my favorite nascar driver (dale jr) and asked if he would let me draw him. he did, and posed for me across some small river (weird?!) and then he wrote down his email and number for me while this girl next to me kept saying "oh my gosh he gave you his number!" even though he acted like he didnt care. haha. so strange. and i just need this dream down in documentation for later use if it happens again.

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The Keeper of the Keys said...

hmmm....the second dream was funny, so, LOL...about the first, well yeah, maybe you're just worrying or fretting about it in the back of your head, and it just came out in your dream...its not a premonition or anything, lol, if thats what you're now worrying about...i have weirds dreams all the time, none of them come true, thankfully...

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