Thursday, February 19, 2009

we were blind (239/365)

ive been seeing a lot strange things on flickr. a lot of hate-directed photos. and messages about the content now on flickr. i think most of you know what i mean. if not, let me explain. i was reading the other day someones opinion about photos posted by members only for fame or popularity. and now they "hate" it and want to rebel against it. i can agree to some extent. there can be some phonies out there, who like to post odd things. but who are you to say its not art? I appreciate what Duchamp was trying to say when he created his lovely urinal piece. However, seeing the messages made me evaluate myself and what I post. I don't post things to gain views or see how many times I can get on explore. Those are all nice things, and i appreciate feedback, etc, but thats not my main goal. I post things with substance and meaning for MYSELF, in hopes that it can open the eyes of others. I just wanted to clear that up. I'd like to know what you think, if you have an opinion on the craze on flickr!

i wanted to pay tribute to my "set to sea" post-it note picture :] so i brought them back. and plastered my wall in them! sorry grandma. also created a mess with paint on my body.

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