Thursday, February 19, 2009

swallowed in the sea (241/365)

"well thats where i belong, and you belong with me..."

whats sad is that i have a lazy eye. it can wink. and the other eye can't. whyyyyy. maybe it has to do with being left-handed. idk. good things are coming this weekend! i have the CUTEST couple shoot planned tomorrow. can't wait. some new album artwork being created. and other things all good :]

my art history test went awesome. i knew every single answer. isn't that the best feeling ever? i felt like i could have karate chopped my wood desk in half.

hand-painted! ahhhh messy and felt silly. i even had to hand paint my body. backwards...?

strobist: AB800 with large softbox at 1/8 power at camera left. about...5 feet away.

1 comment:

casadekaloi said...

I've done a self portrait with this title, AND just blogged about this song. That's crazy!! Synchronicity at work.

Anyway, I dig it.

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