Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i have my own tangled mess (212/365)

i am a little worried baby, to be honest. i'm starting to freak that i dont have a job. and let me be clear, i dont want it for the money. well, thats a lie. i definitely need the money. but certainly not to spend. i have so many things i want to be responsible for (thats CrAzY talk right?!) in the next coming months.

possibly moving out again (which means ikea spree again plus rent)
gallery showing (those things cant burn money like no other)
starting payment on insurance ( i feel guilty about my new car and am anxious to pay my parents)

geez. ive never wanted to be so responsible in my whole life. i just want a job. or make enough money with photography to keep me above for a little.

life. what a tangled mess!

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