Friday, January 23, 2009

a sting of light (213/365)

wow. im so uneasy about posting this. its from my "forbidden to remember" day. :[ i've had little time to do anything today besides homework and freelance design (yikes!) for a friend. i've been so academic lately i feel like its sucking my life away. i guess this is what it feels like to deserve an "A." I've sort of skidded by with good grades. Mostly B's. Oh well.

I have the motivation, but the desire to keep going is really wearing me down! My mojo has left me. I think I know what my mind/body is doing to me. My body wants to quit because of the over-attention its been getting from the camera, and my mind just says "you can't do it," "nothing is working, its all crap."

I need new ideas to be inspired by. I don't get inspired in the creative way normal people do. Songs, melodies, movies don't do it. I don't really know how to channel it. How do I find it? I think part of my inner self is telling my i'm overlooking it. And I guess its easy when you've got blinders on, right?

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casadekaloi said...

I think it might take finding the right song or etc. I know that I looooove music, but very few songs truly MOVE me to create art because of them.

However, I think your work is brilliant, and inspiration will come. It seems it always does. :)

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