Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R-Mode (206/365)

my brain is dominated by my R-mode and not my L-mode. This makes me happy. I am left-handed, and today in my drawing class we were talking about how our brain works and the way we translate the world through perception. Here are some things I learned about the R-mode (the side that rocks the most...HAHA!)

I'm supossed to be:

see things as a whole
actuality not symbolically
illogical and not logical.

i know theres more my professor mentioned but it really affirmed my faith in being in the arts. i'm totally not saying right handed people suck at arts and have no nope, because thats not at all how i see it. its just nice knowing that there may be some things in drawing that come more natural with me, seeing as in drawing you need to control your r-mode to be more dominant over your -mode. (so far, i draw stick figures only. theres still hope! right?) eheh.

if you know anything about the L and R modes feel free to share!

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