Thursday, January 15, 2009


contest! leave a comment (you dont have to be a member) with your name and email and you could win a 4x6 vintage-painted-framed photo of my "from another perspective" photo! yay! good luck. and you'll be notified saturday by email if you've won :]


Sara said...

I adore your photos and follow your blog religiously. Okay, that sounded creepy, sorry. I just subscribed on my RSS feeder so I get your updates along with other blogs, news, etc. Figured I'd leave a comment!

On flickr I'm sarawthouttheh.

Haley said...

Oh I would love this! My flickr name is allumer!

kaitlynkurupt said...

Ahhhh! I love your photos. They're very creative! This waould be an awesome thing to have.
Flickr- Kaitlyn Alizabeth


Anonymous said...


my name's paige

Anonymous said...

oh, i want it!!!!
email -
flickr- zoegrowald (which is also my name, surpise.)

mrs. s. said...

you are so awesome, i love your photos and you have such a great artistic perspective. cant wait till i'm halfway as good as you:)

Flickr name is rarebliss.
email is


Ivy said...

Flikr: ivy hearts you
I would love it ! Thanks :D

Kate said...

Kate Pulley! :D


Cat said...

I just recently discovered your work and I love it. You have a wonderful eye and ability to capture images. You have such a wonderful talent, never stop :)

flickr: meresoftwilight

Beard 562 said...
cris holguin
your fotos are the best

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Ooh, that photo is in my faves!! Cool idea to have a contest! All the best!!


c.harper said...

no no no. I want to win this! ME ME ME. I don't come to your blog religiously, (only found out about it, but will make a point to now) I haven't subscribed to your RSS feed - I will as soon as i get home from work. I DO have you as a contact on Flickr, and love your photos. My flickr user name is teapotqueen or candiceharper. my email addy is

I live in South Africa, so i would probably be rather expensive to post that to me. But hey, SOUTH AFRICA ... people tend to get excited when they hear that *shrug*

If you can't *sulk* send this to me... I would be just as happy to get a signed (in gold or silver pen? - am i trying my luck here) print from you in the mail. That would be just as awesome. And i will even find a pretty frame to put it in . or something.

please? :P

Anonymous said...

Oh i would love to win this i really like your photography!
Flickr name - Emanuel Romero
Email -

Anonymous said...

Yay, a competition, how much fun! I of course couldn't resist the temptetation to take part =)
Of course shipping to Finland might be on the expensive side too...oh well, we'll see!

and flickr, jennipenni


Lily L. said...

Your photostream is definitely one of my favorites on flickr, every day I look forward to seeing your new work!

Lily (

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, you rock.

On flickr:
and my daughter is

She has your name.

nikki said...

I would like to enter the contest :]


shaina said...

oooo...pick me! pick me!

flickr name: SHADY*lane

you rock girl!!

Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S said...

haha sorry i didn't do the whole flickr/email thing.
i'm bad with directions.

NicoleMM05 said...

oooh yes!

flickr: nicolemm05

nottelling said...

I would absolutely die if I won this from you.

on flickr, i'm fivefortyfive
email is

Steffanie Lynn said...

You absolutely inspire me.
I would love to have one of your photos.

Flickr: Steffanie Baseley

Cait said...

my fingers are crossed!
Caitlin Maloney
flickr: caitlinmary.

mandi615 said...

Oh yay!!
I just adore all your photos =)

flickr: **mandirae**

ashleyrwatts said...

Aw, how sweet! I love your photos...very creative and they evoke such emotion!
Flickr name: ashleyrwatts {followyourheart}

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your photos on Flickr. I didn't even realize you had a blog until I read it on today's photo description. How did I miss it?? I feel so deprived!! Anyway, I figured I'd like a chance at one of your works of art. If I win, would you autograph it for me, so I can say I knew you when, once you become famous? Please? Thanks!!
On Flickr I'm cassuccino =)

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea!
my name is merry, my flickr name is merry faith, and my e-mail is

Heather said...

Hey Katie!

Just as a thought (i'm not going to enter, because i'm already graced with your beautiful face everyday) but would you sign your photos from here on? I'm sure that others would love that.

Heather Cox

lexidoodleellis said...

I want to win!!!


maggie araujo said...

oohh whoever wins this is hecka lucky, good luck to everyone :]

flickr: maggie araujo

pai-pai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pai-pai said...

hi katie!
i wanna join the contest too!
im pai and im regressivemuse in flickr! wooo! pick me! ha!
email add:

Tina said...

Your photos are very unique. Love the time you put into them.
You are very inspiring and I enjoy watching you achieve your talents !Tina / Reflected Memories on Flickr

AmandaMichelleSmith said...

yay!! I love your photos! :]

Anonymous said...

Me me me! ;)

My parents named me: Ashley
My e-mail is:

flickidie name is: ashleynicolesmith photography

Hope you have an amazing weekend!! :D

Rose Rebekka Sky said...

Becki Smith

js said...

I'm a Flicker fan of your photos.
You re in my Flickr's contact and in my favorite web photographer.
Sorry for my poor English ;-)
My flickr name is jsnoyer .

elise b. said...

Ahhh!! how awesome.
flickr: *Elise

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