Thursday, July 2, 2009

deep in the heart of texas

here i am, a week into my summer visit to home. i'll be honest and a little complain-ey and say its both the best and worst trip ever. i'm definitely having more fun than i usually do, mostly because my parents are home more often and we're doing fun things, but it's the worst because each time i have time to myself to reflect upon it, my heart breaks a little more knowing i'll be leaving. i wish things were different. like that i could stay in texas with my whole life in CA to come with me, but life is never that easy, is it? i take a deep breath every time i reflect upon this sadness.

later tonight, after i've had a nerdy reading session, i'll post a short and quick stop motion video! i've never tried it before, so it'll be fun. and ill ONLY be posting it on this blog, no where else :]

i think i'll start visualizing some more ideas soon. time is always running out.

1 comment:

Lucia Holm said...

I heart Texas for sure! Never thought I would...

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