Monday, March 16, 2009

the target (266/365)

if only she had escaped faster.

(i was not murdered.) i said i would dip into my roots! textures, brown tones and plain wall... :]

my school has an artist in residence this week ( Sandow Birk ) who is painting a public project LIVE for Catalina Island's lifeguard apartment building. Its a huge mural on tile and I was so incredibly inspired by it. It was lacking the kind of inspiration I normally am inspired by, but just being able to watch a real artist work and answer questions is something i really enjoyed. Everyday for 6 hours this week he'll be painting it in hopes to finish it. Makes me want to paint on tile myself...There are so many revenues in art that I want to try with photography. Galleries, things like this and fashion, its so hard to choose. All are inspiring. So for most of this week my art classes will be visiting him working, awesome! I love art.

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