Wednesday, January 7, 2009

last soundless sleep (198/365)

tonight is the last night i will sleep in my all-loving bed for another 5 months. i always complain that i want go back to my other home in cali, but on the last night...i just cave in. someone asked me earlier if me leaving tomorrow was a good or bad thing. but its both. always both.

im going to pretend when i wake up tomorrow i didnt actually post this picture.

i was tagged! so here you are. 16 things about me that (i hope) you dont already know. ill try to make it interesting

1. i'm left-handed. but can do some things right-handed (i.e sports. driving feels funny with my right hand on the throttle.)

2. before photography, i wanted to be a seaworld animal trainer (AKA shamu's friend.)

3. i'm compulsive about writing lists. if i don't writing something down i feel anxious and usually can't sleep/do anything until its on paper

4. i'm easily scared. and i mean EASILY. commericals of scary movies...doctors...needles...pain. ugh. if you mention anything scary to me, it probably has ruined my night of sleep. oops?

5. i just bought a new car (don't get a WV jetta. it will die on you eventually and cost you some serious cash to fix)

6. i like pleasing others before myself.(and im not trying to brag, its in my genes) like with school, being the first born, i want to get my BFA so my parents will be proud. its the honest truth.

7. i have a disneyland pass and am happiest when i am there (just don't walk slow in front of me and then stop with your stroller. k? :D )

8. i graduated in a class of 900 kids, and knew 2 personally.

9. i drink sweet more than i probably should. milk as well (its really good when theres ice in it, but thats only for when "im feelin it". i argue with my boyfriend that milk goes with everything. it does. except with bbq chips.

10. i try to play protective big sister to my little sister. it usually doesnt work unless theres guys involved. i usually disapprove upon eye contact. im bad, huh?

11. i hardly shave my legs in the winter. sorry people! but unless im wearing a dress, you dont need to know anything under the jeans =p

12. i still have my sick feeling. but am still waiting to find some answers. i think i know where to find them.

13. i forget names on contact. its a bad habit. and contributes to my ongoing bad memory.

14. as long as im with the one i love, no materialistic future matters to me. ill take poor, homeless, and dirty over being without him. (for my twilight-ers. just think of it as...imprinting...? heheheh)

15. i like sleeping with something next to me, like a pillow to block.

16. im re-reading HP book number 7. ahhh!

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casadekaloi said...

#15-I completely feel you! Before I met my now-husband, I always had pillows around me. Now I have the hardest time going to sleep without him there, like if he's working late or I went to bed extra early. I usually have our puppy with me, so she curls up next to me. :)

I found this via Flickr, by the way! Just wanted to let you know.

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