Friday, October 24, 2008

bound to you (124/365)

i have been told lately, that i am "bound" to my computer. i can agree. i'm on it when im bored, when im not bored, procrastinating, etc. but its also a great source for networking with people who can help me with my career. also with models, clients, etc. this is a digital age. so its a no wonder my grandma was the one who complained. she doesn't get it.

however, i am noticing that i spend way too much of my free time on the computer when i could be doing other things more important. so starting today, i am cutting my computer activity down. for now :] i will still be keeping up with my 365, of course! my number one priority is this baby. but, i will only be setting aside two hours at most out of my day to edit, post, journal, check emails, etc. it bums me out, but i think it will improve myself. i will still try and keep up with all of you as well! so if you want to get a hold of my RIGHT away, just flickr mail me. and hopefully i can get back to you! :]

thanks for all your support.

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