Saturday, July 26, 2008

the gypsy and her fortune (034/365)

the gypsy and her fortune (034/365)

today i wanted to get into my gypsy character and wait till night fall to take the picture:] im so impatient! i look like im trying to seduce you. gypsies are like that though...right? haha

good day today as my last day. did some errands with my mom in the morning. were still in the process of decorating the new house. so its fun! she needs my help. haha. also saw the dark knight with my dad. i loved it! definitely a darker plot than i had anticipated. i know most people will say "heath was my favorite actor EVER" but...he really was to me. ever since my dad and i saw a knights tale...i've never changed. he did such a great job. exactly as i would have imagined the joker....sorta like how jack nicholson did. better i say. his laugh was perfect. definitely sad and surprised rachael had to died. overall, such a good movie. though, i will admit, about 3 times i thought the movie was about to be over....but wasnt. thanks to harvey two-face.

so then we wrapped up the day with a good hour long nap (which i love) and went to dinner at my sisters restaurant while she was hostessing :] came home...and watched mythbusters. haha

goodbye lovelies

ps. tomorrow i go back to cali! nooooo. bittersweet feeling

fairy dust + me =forever.

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