Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Feature: 10 things I love about Wednesdays

I have a new weekly feature I'm starting today and I'm really excited about the concept behind it. I needed a new creative outlet to update you all with things I'm up to in between my wedding/portrait posts. A lot of people don't really like Wednesdays, but its one of my favorite days of the week! (besides the weekend, of course) Its the "hump" day, the middle of the week, the halfway mark, and the most relaxing day for me. So I'm going to post some fun pictures of what I love to do on my Wednesdays, and also post any cute finds I see on the internet.

First thing I do have a cup of tea to wake me up, followed by a jog!

I love making lists, and with this weekends wedding coming up, I just go crazy! Its mostly a list of shots that I can't live without. Also, I'm a fiend for making props for my clients. I especially love triangle banners, which I made below for this weekend! It says "bliss"

I love going through old photos and seeing if I've missed anything good. These two photos are perhaps some of my favorites. My two fav boys! Race my cousin, and of course, Jeremy.

Reading is so relaxing to me. I'm currently on "Emma" by Jane Austen. And Baxter, my grandma's dog, usually likes to lounge around the house with me while I read.

A lot of people don't enjoy emails, but I love them! I almost always reply back the same day, mostly out of excitement. A friend also found this super cute camera strap on Etsy that I love!

Hope you enjoy the new feature! Let me know what you think.


Claire Westlake said...

I love this! So cute, really enjoy all the pictures. I have to agree with's my favorite day of the week too.

Eva said...

lovely post, can't wait to see more :)

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