Monday, April 26, 2010

Work space and Packaging fun!

I'm excited to show off some new packaging ideas I'm offering my bride's! Its not all finished yet, but it will be before my May bridal show! I think the best part about my business, is that I am obsessed with weddings. Really. Ask my best friend Nikki. Its all we talk about! Anyways, I try to relate how I would want to be treated into what I do, so I think its important to treat the bride and groom and shower them with nice things they deserve and can remember. I love the idea of surprising them with things they didn't expect, which is the fun part of it all.

All prints are wrapped in cello to be protected during shipping or moving. After this, they are wrapped in tissue paper, sealed, and packed carefully in a photo box!

This is just a fun banner I'm sewing together for the bridal show :]

All packages that get their negatives will receive a cute eco-friendly kraft box, and a USB card! CD's are great, but the images start to deteriorate after time. And USBs don't. Plus, they are re-usable! So fun. PS. I love that "tiffany" teal. Melt.

I'm in the process of creating my own "office" space. I realized that I sit too much in my room and do all my handling on my desk, but it creates a negative mood for my room. Moving it into the back sewing room and having to go outside to get to it leaves me the excitement of going to my own space. Much more positive!



Margaret said...

I love!

Claire Westlake said...

Pretty! I love your bridal photos and can't wait to see more.

Catpad said...

lovely !

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