Monday, July 13, 2009

a teeny tiny preview

I've been workin' hard on my 365 completion blurb book, and i think its coming out sweet! I'm posting some special stuff, like little journals, before and afters, tutorials, etc etc. All fun stuff you can learn from and enjoy! So far, it has about 86 pages, and I'm wondering if thats too much. Hmmm. Suggestions? What do you all think? Longer book? Or Keep it. (wish i could put all 365 in there, but....they arent all great! =p )


L said...

wow this looks so great! i personally would like a longer book (although thats just me being greedy :p) because all of the project was stunning!

Anonymous said...

agh i hope i can buy your book
you are so amazing, no doubt


Anonymous said...

excellent! i'd love to know what you think of it in print form! i am always toying with the idea of doing a little book, but i'm scared about not working closely with the printers--and possibly the colors being all wrong, or it being too dark...please keep us posted on the final outcome:) ..looks great !

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