Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hold on, (225/365)

there's a hole in my heart
everyone can see right through me
it goes all the way to the waves
where my love she tried to wash it away


So! Finally some time to sit down and write something meaningful...

I've been swamped with obsessing over doing all my homework thats practically not even due for a week, just so I can feel better. But things are going good. I miss my family, and wish I could uproot our house and move it over here. Or just move Texas 10 minutes away. I'm really thankful for all the things I've been blessed with recently: a new car, great classes/education/progress to CSUF, my boyfriend, family, new friends!!! Keeping myself busy usually suppresses any home-sickness I have or loneliness.

Here are some quick bullet points over what has happened in the past week or so:

-arranged to meet with a gallery owner (more details on how you can help with my show LATER!)
-updated my etsy and got some orders in! wooo
-had another band promo shoot
-planned for more!
-went to disneyland over the weekend
-bonded with new friends that I love.
-had a sprinkles cupcake again...finally
-washed my car.... :D

I'm starting to remember where to find my inspiration. I'm hoping it will help over the next couple days till I figure it out.

I hope you are all doing well! I'm going to try and update this blog with more personal things from now on, so you can all be updated! Leave a comment. You don't have to be a member, just state your name or w/e.

ps. If you want to see a Before/After of any previous shots please state so!



Anonymous said...

heads up, it takes what feels like forever for csuf just to tell you that you've been accepted. this is my first semester there & it's the 2nd week of school. i have a huuge headache from it already.

p.s. love all your pictures.

Katie Elizabeth said...

thats really weird! all my other friends have done a good job getting all their classes, etc. hmm. ill watch out for that.

Anonymous said...

I want to see before & after of every shot! :P

I'm glad you are getting back into the groove of things. And if Texas was just 10 minutes away that would mean Oklahoma would be too. *hinthint* :P

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