Wednesday, January 28, 2009

it was soon washed away (219/365)

strobist: AB800 at 1/4 power camera left through large softbox. yay!

I just wanted to apologize for seeming so melo-dramatic yesterday in my 365! my gosh. i re-read what i posted, and realized how alarming and depressing i made myself seem.. but I can assure you I am fine and well! I think I was having a small meltdown. one that only comes from un-satisfying-365-ism. its a very rare disease that only 365er's get. but I am fine. and am embarrassed I made it seem like my life was over, or that i was on edge...

I'm sure you can all understand the way I feel. As much as I love this project, its a hard thing to keep up with. Its like eating a rotten piece of cake everyday, or someone scratching the same spot on your back OVER and over, or nails on a chalkboard. The list could go on...And its not always a bad journey. But I hit the bottom a lot. Its in my personality and genes to want to be Good 200% of the time. And I don't mean by fame or appraisal from others, just my own satisfaction. I'm my own worst enemy.

So all those dumb feelings are washed away now. Life is good. Sorry Again!

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