Thursday, November 13, 2008

she had her (cup)cake and ate it too (144/365)

somehow last night when i was talking to my mom, the subject of me moving back home to Texas came up. There are a lot of pros and cons on both sides. Everything except the love of my family is here. Which is a huge chunk of me since I'm so close to them. As much as I'd like to live back at home where eveything would be handed to me and I know i'd be "spoilt." as bad as that sounds. I can't. "I'd have my cake and eat it too, Mom, if I could."

my grandma made these lemon cupcakes last night. too good to eat.

i'm working on something fun. i have 3 photo shoots this weekend! one with a bigggg family! and two with bands. im so excited because we have both concepts and ideas ready! i feel prepared and am confident these will be my best work YET.

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