Wednesday, July 30, 2008

blue line to old town (038/365)

blue line to old town (038/365)

my grandma took my sister and i to seaworld today. bad idea. the good idea about it was that it was my sister's first time riding the train. the bad part was that we only had time to be in the park for 2 hours. how lame! it was so much work trying to get to the damn place, that we wasted time! should have driven. trolleys and buses. ugh. good and super hilarious experience though. i guess that is whats priceless.

i am so tired. i've woken up at 8am or earlier all this week. i know for some of you...this is normal. its not for me! going to bed at 1am or later doesnt help either. i am happy to say i shall be back to my normal self tomorrow and more creative than ever (hopefully) enjoy your night! i hope you get to sleep in like me :]

im pretty disappointed in todays 365. didnt have much time though. i can't complain. i have so much on my mind. future shoot that i have to cram in time for because its an awesome opp. plus dealing with my school and my tuition deal, plus my lease owner writing a letter for me. wow. can i do it all? idk

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